Low Pressure Carbon Steel Air Tanks with G Module PED Certificate

Short Description:

Code Certification:ASME design +PED certified
Operating Pressure : -1-19MPa
Design Pressure :-1-20MPa
Temperature: -20-150ºC
Minimum design metal temperature(MDMT) at MAWP:-20ºC at 1MPa
Hydrostatic test pressure:1.43MPa at 0-48ºC
Medium name:compressed air
Corrosion allowance:1mm
Gross volume:0.001-100m³
Empty weight:5-20000kg

Product Detail

Product Detail

The products are designed and manufactured based on ASME VIII-1 code,  meet the requirements of ASME, PED, AS1210 and other standards, as well as DOSH, CRN, EAC, MOM and other certification modes for you to choose. If you have any customized needs on the pressure vessel, you can contact us.

OFAC/BOBAIR is a manufacturer specializing in the production of customized pressure vessels, we have ASME U and UM stamp authorization, and has obtained ISO9001-2015 quality system certification and PED Module H and Module H1 certificates issued by LRQA.

Warranty Commitment
Based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 quality system which has been approved by LRQA,the product raw materials are rigorously tested and the product quality is strictly controlled.

Product Introduction

Our low pressure carbon steel air tanks are designed with efficiency in mind. The tanks feature a large storage capacity, allowing for ample compressed air storage, reducing frequent compressor cycling and optimizing energy consumption. This results in cost savings and improved overall operational efficiency for our customers.

Furthermore, our air tanks are equipped with reliable safety features to ensure safe operation. The tanks come with pressure relief valves and pressure gauges, allowing users to monitor and maintain the optimal pressure levels. Additionally, the tanks are designed to withstand low pressure conditions, making them suitable for applications with lower operating pressure requirements.

Easy installation and maintenance are also key features of our low pressure carbon steel air tanks. The tanks are designed to be easily mounted in various locations, providing flexibility for installation. Additionally, the carbon steel construction minimizes maintenance needs, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.

In conclusion, our low pressure carbon steel air tanks with G module PED certificate provide a reliable, safe, and efficient solution for compressed air storage. With their durable construction, compliance with industry standards, and cost-saving features, these tanks are an ideal choice for various industrial applications. Whether it's for manufacturing, construction, automotive, or other industries, our air tanks offer a dependable solution to meet your compressed air storage needs.

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