Japanese Technology Air End Screw Compressor Scroll Manufacturers Parts Rotary Oil Free Compressor Head

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Japanese original Mitsui’s technology, can replace Mitsui’s air end 1:1.
Air end faulty rate is nearly 0.
OFAC air end is highest ultra precision in China.
100% oil-free, 100% 0 emission.
45 ℃ isothermal compression, less pressure loss.

Product Detail

Product Detail

OFAC as a manufacturer of clean compressed air systems, providing high-clean, pure oil-free compressed air, leading the future direction of the air compressor industry, providing customers with high-quality products and the best user experience. The water-lubricated oil-free screw air compressor, as well as the unique all-stainless steel alloy air end and stainless steel system are well-known in the industry.

The air end has a stainless steel alloy rotor with the longest lifespan, and the rotor meshing pair is produced using patented technology of flying parts. The contact stress between the rotors is very small, thereby reducing internal leakage and rotor compounding.

During the working process of the rotor, do not spray the pure water between the rotors for cooling, so as to clean the air. Minimizing dust and heavy metal content. At the same time, the Z-shaped rotor and the pure water between the rotors will form a good water film seal, making the system efficiency reach more than 95%. Fully realize energy saving, oil-free compression system, no oil or waste oil treatment, able to extract the purest compressed air. The water-gas mixture compressed by the main machine enters the water-gas separation cylinder and is mechanically separated into compressed air and pure water. Because the system temperature is below 45 ℃, the moisture content of the compressed air is less than 80 g/m3.

The compressed air on the separation cylinder passes through the minimum pressure valve and enters the exhaust hole for discharge. The pure water at the bottom of the separation cylinder is passed through the filter to remove impurities and bacteria in the water. After cooling, the water enters the compressor air end again for the second compression cycle. The water-lubricated oil-free screw air compressor realizes automatic water change and reduces labor intensity.

Water-cooled plate heat exchangers are highly efficient and corrosion-resistant. The cloud network can realize 24-hour wireless interconnection monitoring of the network, remote communication of multiple machines, remote early warning machine alarms, and timely reminders of normal care and maintenance. Water-lubricated oil-free screw air compressor is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly and stable product among oil-free compressors.

It is widely used in various industries such as photovoltaic chemical industry, food, textile, mechanical electronics, medicine, and bioengineering.

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