150 Psi Factory Wholesale Ofac Oil-Free Screw Air Compressor for Russia 0 Emission

Short Description:

Two Stages Oil-free Water Lubricant Screw Air Compressor
● 20-40bar, 6- 40m3/min.
● Two-stage
● 45℃ Isothermal compression
● Self-made OFAC air end, single screw
● I4 motor, IP55
● Air cooled & water cooled
● 0 Emission
● TUV certificated, 100% oil-free
● Direct driven

Product Detail

Product parameters


Product Introduction

The brand "OFAC, specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of compressors, oil-free compressors and air end, special gas compressors, various air compressors and post-processing equipment, providing customers with High-quality, environmentally friendly and efficient air system solutions and fast and stable technical services.








Why choose OFAC oil-free water lubricant screw air compressor?

1. Mitsui technology, can replace Mitsui air end 1:1.
2. Highest ultra precision air end manufacturer in China, failure rate nearly 0.
3. Comes with 3-stage purifier, tap water(daily used water) is workable.
4. Easiest maintenance, 0 Emission.
5. simple structure, easy to use.
6. with 485 remote switch.

Jiangxi Bobai has launched a completely new range of high efficiency, oil-free two-stage rotary screw compressors to further enhance its successful. These high output oil-free machines now cover a wide flow range from 6.0 to 40.0m3/min, the pressure range from 20bar to 40bar.

High-pressure compressed air is used for blowing bottles.
The pressure depends on the container’s design, wall thickness, blow speed, and so on. The bottles with thick walls, sharp edges, and special shapes need higher pressure. Generally, the stretch blow molding requires about 10~25bar for pre-blowing and about 40bar for the bottle-blowing process. The trend for PET bottle-blowing machines is to reduce the blow pressure as much as possible for energy saving.
The bottles should be cleaned with compressed air before filling the water, beverage, cooking oil and so on.
If the air is contaminated, it will influence the flavor and odor, causing health problems.

For screw type, the air is compressed to 7~8bar at the first screw compression stage, there is no need to cool and the air goes into the second stage screw air end, finally achieving 30~40bar air discharge directly without cooling. Rotation speed 3000r/min, zero loads. About 50℃, no heat waste, Ideal isothermal compression.

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