Oil-Injected Screw Type 7.5kw 15kw 22kw 37kw 75kw Air Compressor 8bar 10bar 13bar

Short Description:

Oil Injected Screw Air Compressor
● 3.7- 415kw,
● Single stage
● IP54
● Direct driven
● Air cooled
● CE certificated

Product Detail

Product Introduction

* Five-in-one air compressor for laser cutting
* Variable frequency, explosion-proof, low noise, others
* High-pressure cooling system, high heat dissipation efficiency, can work continuously for 24 hours no matter in high temperature and high humidity environment
* OEM support
* One-stop service

Product Details

Bobair VSD rotary screw air compressor are suitable for customers who need different amount of air supply and extremely accurate pressure. It can facilitate customers to optimize production process and improve productivity.
1. Easy to install and Maintain.
2. High performance. Our models provide more air and consumes less energy, providing your sustainable, high quality air to run your operations.
3. Reliable.
4. ≥30% energy saving.


Heavy & light industry, mining, hydropower, seaport, engineering construction, oil and gas fields, railways, transportation, shipbuilding, energy, military industry, spaceflight, and other industries.

Features and Advantages of Bobair Variable Speed air compressor

(1) Intelligent Control System
Direct display of discharge temperature and pressure, operating frequency, current, power, operating state. Real-time monitoring of discharge temperature and pressure, current, frequency fluctuations.

(2) The Latest Generation High-Efficiency Permanent Motor
Insulation grade F, protective grade IP54. IP55, suitable for the bad working conditions. No gearbox design, motor, and main rotor through the coupling directly connected, high transmission efficiency. Wide range of speed regulation, high precision, a wide range of airflow regulation. The efficiency of the permanent magnet motor is higher 3%-5% than the regular motor, efficiency is constant, when the speed drops, still remain the high efficiency.

(3) The Latest Generation Super Stable Inverter
Constant pressure air supply, air supply pressure is accurately controlled within 0.01Mpa. Constant temperature air supply, general constant temperature set at 85℃, make the best oil lubrication effect and avoid high temperature to stop. No empty load, reduce energy consumption by 45%, eliminate excess pressure. For each 0.1 mpa increase of air compressor pressure, energy consumption increases by 7%. Vector air supply, accurate calculation, to ensure that the air compressor production and customer system air demand at all times to maintain the same.

(4) Wide Working Frequency Range To Save Energy
Frequency conversion ranges from 5% to 100%. When the user s gas fluctuation is large, the more obvious the energy-saving effect and the lower the low-frequency running noise, applicable to any place.

(5) Small Start-up Impact
Use frequency conversion permanent magnet motor, start smooth and soft. When the motor starts, the current does not exceed the rated current, which does not affect the power grid and the mechanical wear of the main engine greatly reduces the power failure and prolongs the service life of the main screw machine.

(6) Low Noise
The inverter is a soft start device, the start-up impact is very small, the noise will be very low when start-up. At the same time, the PM VSD compressor running frequency is less than the fixed speed compressor during stable operation, mechanical noise decreases very much.

Product Parameters

OIL (1)
OIL (2)

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