Notes: Air Compressor Starts up after Long Holiday



1, Check before powering on

Before powering on the air compressor, check whether water has entered the equipment, and check the status of electrical components, switches, and circuits. Oil-free water-lubricated air compressors should refill lubricating water to the normal water level to ensure normal water circulation after startup. Check that the manual drain valves of gas storage tanks, cold dryers, precision filters and other post-processing equipment are normal and closed.


2. Check after powering on
Check whether the display screen of the air compressor displays normally. Check that voltage, phase sequence, temperature, pressure and other parameter indicators are normal.



3. Start the air compressor

Start the post-processing equipment first, such as cold dryer, suction dryer, etc. Then press the start button of the air compressor and pay attention to the temperature display during startup. If the temperature rises sharply, please press the emergency stop button immediately to stop the machine, and then restart it 2-3 times to avoid the machine head from getting stuck.

It is recommended that air compressor users follow the above steps to ensure safe and stable restart of the air compressor and provide stable air source support for post-holiday production.


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Post time: Feb-20-2024